good starting energy

good starting energy

This week’s focus is on the right timing and school. Many students will return to school today or sometime soon. Even though the school year is starting earlier than in the past, our culture is set up to be in the re-start-up mode around this time of year. From interviewing many families we have found that when you are training in Aikido and applying the principles of the art to school life you are more successful. Also, even if you have completed all of your schooling, why not be in the mode of re=activating your Aikido from a new perspective to go deeper into mastery.

This week at the Dojo:

***Monday: Experimental Self Defense class at 7pm. Face fear, get clear, move forward my dear.

***Wednesday: Evolution Day in all of the classes. We will work on your material for the month and also lots of free style.

***Thursday: Level 3 class at 7pm I will focus on some of the advanced material from the seminar from this past weekend I attended.

***emember the 8pm classes! Monday=extra help, Tuesday=Ukemi, Wednesday=Demo practice, Thursday=Randori taught by our wonderful Sempai; Hal, Sohei, Mark, Jason.

SPECIAL SEMINAR THIS SATURDAY!!! LINDA HOLIDAY SENSEI from Aikido Santa Cruz will teach 2 sessions for a wonderful seminar at our Dojo. She is the author of “Journey to the HEART of AIKIDO”. This seminar is for any student that wants to expand their Aikido and experience a high level Aikidoist. One of the ways we expand our Aikido is by attending these kinds of events! Open to the whole Dojo! Seminar starts at 9:45 am and goes to 11:15, lunch break, 12:30pm to 2pm. It is $40 for all of the training! Oh yeah, this is open to the greater Aikido community also!

Let’s have a fantastic week of training! With the right timing of beginning school! Vince Sensei


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