a rhyme and a reason

a rhyme and a reason

The practice for the week is on –

BEING OPEN TO SEEING IT IN A NEW WAY!!! Mushin, open the mind! Be ready to re examine or look at Aikido from new eyes everyday to keep it fresh and flowing!

Cause when it’s fresh and flowing, you know that you’re growing! And it’s definitely showing!

Knowing, flowing and showing, oh boy, it’s better than moaning!

This week at the Dojo:

***Monday, Today: iN the EXPERIEMENTAL SELF DEFENSE CLASS we will cover seeing things in a new way, what to do or not to do with a kicker, that’s a kicker, and ….. other stuff that comes up

***Tuesday is evolution day in all of the classes= freestyle to expand, and basics to command.

5PM FOR Youth & Family& Teens! Demo, Participate, Test! And grow, and earn a stripe possibly with 100% attention and your best!
7pm FOR the adult & Teen group! Demo, Participate, Test! And grow baby, grow!

*** If you need help seeing it a new way, come see me, when I’m free, I’m here for thee! Vince Sensee. Yea, Babee


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