The practice focus for the week is on DECIDING! Aikido is not based on a sport, or a common fight. So when you enter into conflict it is important that you make the best DECISION of how, or if you should enter. Your power to DECIDE is always there. Be conscious of your power.

This week’s schedule:

***In all of the classes we will continue on several techniques and principles of RANDORI.

***Wednesday: It is EVOLUTION DAY in all of the classes! We work on your material for your next level. We will also work on RANDORI in a systematic way.

&&&BIG COOL AIKIDO SEMINAR IN VEGAS NOVEMBER 10TH & 11TH! Think about going! Great Instruction, great people, great fun, great learning, great environment, great camaraderie, great……

*ANNOUNCEMENT TO ALL STUDENTS AND FAMILIES: October 20, 21, and 22; our regular classes will be off so that we can make improvements to the mat. If you would like to aid us in this endeavor there will be opportunities.

Always decide to do your best! Vince Sensei

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