We’re here to help you develop your mind, body, and energy using the long-established methods of Aikido.

About our Dojo

The benefits of Aikido are apparent in the meaning of the word itself. Although it can be translated many ways, the general meaning is ‘to be in harmony with conflict’. Other translations have been: ‘the art of peace’ or ‘way of harmonious energy’.

In the last part of his life, the founder of the art translated the word as ‘the power of love’. As new agey as that may sound, a closer look will reveal a message that is as fearless as any…

What he meant was, even in the midst of the most deadly attack, the Aikidoist should be able to see the attacker, not as an enemy, but as someone who may be temporarily out of control mentally, emotionally, and physically – and to bring the conflict to an end as a way of protection for both parties.

Either way you cut it, you can see how these principles can help any of us in today’s busy and conflict-laden world. A conflict doesn’t necessarily mean a physical altercation with an attacker. It can also be road-rage, a spat with a family member,  or even negative self-talk. All of these and more are still conflicts which the principles of Aikido can be applied to.

The most important thing to know about our Dojo is the people who train here. We have a strong line of loyal and helpful black belts who have years of experience practicing this art. I’m endlessly impressed by how open, energetic, and friendly they are. In our dojo, a big part of a black belt’s role is working with beginners and inspiring others through shared experiences.

Aikido is based on cooperation. Every part of how we run our dojo is expressed in this manner. Some students are very athletic and some not so much… Some students are of a more mature age and some are in Kindergarten… But we all work together to make each other stronger. No classism or pulling rank is tolerated.

Here’s a few other aspects of our dojo which make it such a special place…

Japanese Culture and Arts Classes

These help students catch some of the subtle nuances that have influenced Aikido. For example, we offer side-classes in: tea ceremony, calligraphy, origami, deeper philosophical literature, poems, and (a dojo favorite) wisdom-filled Aikido stories from our passionate students.

Community Service

This is one of the best ways that we apply the principles of Aikido outside of the Dojo. We do this by teaching seminars that are based on the principles of Aikido that work very well off the mat in our student’s individual lives, communities, and workplaces. Some seminars we offer are:

  • Self-Defense Seminars:
    We focus on the most nonviolent ways of staying safe by educating children, young adults, and adults how to protect themselves.
  • Verbal Aikido Seminars:
    We have worked and continue to work with several companies in town to develop methods of communication that promote peace, understanding, and well-being for the members of the group and any of their customers or vendors.
  • Harmony in the Workplace:
    We have worked with many companies in town applying the principles of Aikido to enhance communication, efficiency, and mutual respect for both employees and customers.

About the Chief Instructor

My name is Vincent Salvatore and I’m the director and chief instructor at Aikido of Reno. I’ve been practicing aikido for over 30 years and have been teaching Aikido full-time since 2002. After all of these years living the art, I’ve never lost the student mindset which drew me to the art all those years ago. I still go to seminars and practice to constantly develop my own personal Aikido as well as my teaching abilities. A focus of mine is applying modern scientific practices to all of the training that goes on at our Dojo.

My vision for Aikido of Reno is to keep expanding my Aikido as well as all of the students at our Dojo. It’s also my goal to help educate the community in less violent ways of conflict resolution.

In Closing…

It’s our most wholehearted intention to remain a friendly Aikido Dojo that welcomes any prospective student to try out the art and see if it’s something that fits in with their lifestyle.

Please give us a call to set up an appointment to come down to the Dojo to check it out in person. We recommend that every potential student comes down to observe a class or join a Beginner’s Program so that they can experientially understand Aikido firsthand.

Thank you so much for stopping by our site and we look forward to meeting you soon.

In Life as On the Mat,