honoring o’sensei

honoring o’sensei

The practice focus this week is on HONORING O’SENSEI (THE FOUNDER) AND PRACTICING HIS ART IN AN AMERICAN, ARTFUL, CREATIVE WAY! The Founder created a wonderful art that is practiced around the world. Our Dojo strives to keep the traditions alive and also express Aikido from our 2018 POV also. Come join the PROCESS!


***Tuesday: O’SENSEI’S PHILOSOPHY AND ENERGETIC EXPRESSION; We will energetically train in Aikido with breaks where we will read some of the Founder’s poetry and words of wisdom. 12noon class, 5pm family class, 6pm all levels class.

***Wednesday 5PM Family class Event: CREATION OF A GIANT SCROLL. We will practice Aikido with tons of FOCUS, MOVEMENT, AND ARTFUL EXPRESSION. Then we will create THE GIANT SCROLL! The Giant Scroll will be given to a worthy cause in the near future!

***Thursday: it is EVOLUTION DAY in all of the classes! Go deep into Form, and freeform! At 7pm it is Black Belt and Beyond class! If you are close to Black Belt, or already a Black Belt, show up…

It’s all a part of the expansive world of Aikido! Show up and expand!!!! Vince Sensei

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