one touch

one touch

The practice focus for the week is on the one touch concept of Ikkyo. We practice to apply the technique to neutralize the attacker’s aggression and keep safe, And keep them safe. How you touch is important. The distance and intention not to mention. It’s gonna be a great week!

this week’s schedule:

***Monday, today: It Is EVOLUTION DAY in all of the classes! Work on your material for your next level. Level=brand new student to experienced sempai! Keep developing!

*5PM FOR THE FAMILY CLASS (earn a stripe with your attendance with 100% focus)
Demo your track! Test! Attend and help the momentum! Demo your Aikido!

***Wednesday 5pm family class & 6pm level 1 adult class will be on Aikido based Self Defense. If you have never done this class you should attend! It will help you understand our distance and intention in Aikido. (we could use help from any sempai that would like to help)

***Wednesday 9am to 12 noon The Japan Consulate will be using the Peace Dojo room for processing Japanese nationals passports and other tasks they may need. Let our Japanese local folks know please.

***Thursday 7pm Randori class. One hour of focus on multiple attacker practices. Open to all levels

***Saturday: Sempai training from 10:40am to 11:40am. For the ranks of 3rd Kyu to high black Belt. We will work on Leadership and advanced Aikido.

Let’s have a great week of training! Vince Sensei

&&&Next Monday at 6pm starts THE NEW DESHI PROGRAM!

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