process of aikido

process of aikido

The practice focus for the week is on the PROCESS OF AIKIDO. We come together to train in the art and get into a PROCESS of moving with another to energetically resolve a conflict. The PROCESS is co-operatively practiced with energy that is directed to go beyond fear and lead us into Flow. Let’s take a look at the PROCESS of Aikido this week…

Highlights of the weekly schedule:

***Monday, Today: It is EVOLUTION DAY in all of the classes! I will make sure you know your material for your next level. Also We will work on higher level student goals.

***Tuesday: DEMO DAY
*12 NOON: Adults that train in the noon class
*5pm Youth & Family Class (participants with 100% focus can earn a stripe)
*7pm Adults & Teens
Coming to Demo Day gives you a review of the Aikido we practiced this month

***Wednesday at 6pm Aikido based Fitness and applications to your Aikido! Co Taught by Katie Ingram and Vince Sensei. Open to all members, family, and friends! Fitness that will improve, and maintain your Aikido.

&&&Announcement of Special SEMINAR through TMCC May 17th in the Peace Dojo: FIGHT FLIGHT FLOW! The Book is now a Seminar! Learn experientially how to take survival energy and turn it into the Flow Force! This class will use energetic Principles& Practices of Aikido and enhance any endeavor, especially Aikido! Please invite any one that wants to improve themselves in Career, Sport, or Life! You can sign up through TMCC online while spaces remain!

Let’s have a great week training the Process of Aikido! Vince Sensei

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