Super Hero

Every kid has a superhero inside that’s bursting at the seams to get out. The Epic Dojo is the perfect place for your little one to work on skills that will awaken that inner superhero.

Children ages 4 to 6 are welcome to participate in our superhero class. Our goal is for them to learn how to relate to others. A wide range of social skills are learned through subtle, fun, and interesting ways throughout the class. They learn how to work together and be part of a group as they begin to understand the basic principles of aikido.

We foster a learning atmosphere where the students end up actually willingly supporting disciplined behavior when they realize the benefits of it. They learn how to share with others, develop basic fitness, and master their bodies.

Superheroes learn to deal with conflict by experiencing the difference between the knee-jerk reaction of a counterattack (aggression vs. aggression) and the centered response of neutralizing the aggression (powerful control vs. aggression).

Even at their young age, it’s possible for them to develop nonviolent reactions to aggression and still be powerful. This learning experience has been known to positively influence their childhood and life.

The best way for your child to understand aikido and our superhero class is for you to bring them to one of our classes. This way, you can both observe a class (and, perhaps, try out a class). We’re pretty sure that once you experience the clean, positive, energetic vibe of our dojo, you’ll only want to come back for more and bring your superhero with you. Contact us today to set up an appointment.