Aikido of Reno Teen Class

Ages 12-17 are crucial in a child’s development. As they make the transition to adulthood, they face a variety of challenges. From societal influences to overwhelming physical and emotional growth, it’s a great time for them to tap into their calm, powerful inner strength to get them through the confusion and frustration that phase of their life brings.

Aikido provides a venue unlike any other to learn how to take risks, expand their comfort zone, and learn about their self as well as others.

Stepping on the mat and practicing aikido gives teens a break from the speedy, high-tech, instant gratification world. Here, they develop skills to settle, ground, and be a positive force in the world.

The dynamic, flowing techniques along with the philosophy and the supportive interactions with others during practice help prepare them to be positive members in our evolving society.

The dynamic of aikido is best understood by observing or participating in a class. If it makes as big of an impression on you as it has on us, we also offer a trial program to get started. Call us today to schedule a time to come down.