uke & nage

uke & nage

The practice focus for the week is on understanding the role of UKE & NAGE! The NAGE of Aikido is focused on resolving conflict. The UKE is out of balance and is attacking so they can be subdued with a beautiful Aikido technique or principle. Understanding roles in conflict leads to harmony.

This week’s schedule:

***MONDAY, TODAY 5pm: THE HALLOWEEN-SELF DEFENSE-COSTUME EXTRAVGANZA! We will go over basic self defense themes, practice, and then have some fun on the day before Halloween. All friends and family members are welcome!


***Saturday 10:45am: Sempai/Leadership Training from the rank of 3rd Kyu to 6th dan. We will work on advanced material, teaching and mentorship!

***2017 VEGAS SEMINAR COMING SOON! November 10th and 11th! Train with a variety of people from different dojos. Get some great experiences and fun!

Remember your role as a student of Aikido to practice with joyful exhilaration! Vince Sensei

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