use of space

use of space

The practice focus this week is on MA AI! (The use of space in art and Aikido) The slight adjustment of space changes the feeling and application of how you relate to something. In traditional calligraphy it’s not just the outlay of the letters, but in the space surrounding the artful letters that makes it art. This is a really cool practice to experiment with!

This week’s schedule:

***Wednesday: it is EVOLUTION DAY in all of the classes! Work on your Aikido for your next level and also free form Aikido…

***Saturday: 10:45am Sempai Training! Leadership and advanced training for the ranks of 3rd Kyu and above!

***The 14th of this Month in the Peace Dojo is a seminar open to the public and our students! IMPROVISATION, FLEXIBLE MIND’ FLIUD BODY! Open your mind & body to imagination and limitless expression!

&&&LOS ANGELES SEMINAR APRIL 20-22, THE RANDORI SEMINAR! There are still spots on the mat open! You can sign up on the Aikido of Los Angeles Website

Let’s use the space and create some awesome Aikido! Vince Sensei

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