violent force to subtle force

violent force to subtle force

The practice focus this week is on;
When you watch a movie with fighting scenes generally you will see violent force, The action is violent and the hero wins the day by using some kind of dynamic action to resolve the conflict. In Aikido sometimes the action is very dynamic. We also work on the subtle force of de-escalation to resolve conflicts too. Let’s practice with the contrasts of understanding both sides.

This week’s schedule:

***Tuesday: it is EVOLUTION DAY in all of the classes. We work on material for your next level and answer any questions, and work on free form Aikido.

***Thursday at 5pm: THE AIKIDO PARKOUR NINJA CHALLENGE! Go over, go through, go for glory, go for the fun of it, and go for the accomplishment of it! We will run several courses never seen before at Aikido of Reno! Challenge yourself!

***Saturday 9:40am is a class open to your friends, family and the public! “AIKIDO AND THE VIOLENT FORCE TO SUBTLE FORCE” We will train in Aikido to experience the contrasts of power.

Let’s have an awesome week of training! Vince Sensei

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