Aikido of Reno Youth Class

Our intention with our youth students (ages 7 to 11) is to develop powerful dynamos who learn self defense and the art of aikido. In this program, they gain the ability to apply the principles of aikido in academics, family life, and their friendships. Youth students experience tremendous growth as they become emotionally well-adjusted to constructively meet the challenges of being a youngster in the world.

Youth students are taught how to avoid being bullied while not becoming a bully. They adopt the perspective of a peaceful warrior – to become a strong, centered person who can choose from many options to deal with the aggressive pervasive in their world and today’s society. Solid leadership skills are learned that are applicable in future endeavors through their lives.

Aikido of Reno’s youth program begins with a focus on the positive principles of aikido: being centered, grounded, and choosing a positive outlook and energy in life.

The dynamic flowing energy and circular movement of aikido helps our youth students express exuberance, grace, and power in a productive and supportive structure. This can only be learned through hands-on experiential training. The best way to understand it is to come down to the dojo and observe/participate in a class. We welcome you to call today to set up an appointment.